Our Story

Ammi means "my mother" in Urdu, the mother tongue of Pakistan. We spend most of our time in Ammi's kitchen and that's where our tomato chutneys were made. 

We come from a long line of women who know how to use spice to embolden the flavors of our lives. You can feel the love and flavor in every bite of food we make. 

In 2017, we started on our journey to bring you Ammi's Spice. It all began with a simple recipe passed down through generations, of a flavorful tomato chutney that was intended to be eaten with rice but tastes delicious with everything. Our original tomato chutney is a hit.

This small mother-daughter business is family-run and operated in Santa Ana, California. We hope to introduce everyone to a more robust flavor palette and share our love, recipes, and spice with the world!